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Management Message

Eizo Kobayashi

We are in the final fiscal year of the 4th Mid-Term Management Plan formulated in May 2014. Since the second half of the previous fiscal year, the surrounding market trends and financial conditions have not necessarily been favorable for us. Nevertheless, we aim to achieve further growth by working to deepen our margin transaction business which serves as infrastructure for the securities market, reviewing our existing businesses, expanding transaction services and winning new customers.

Based on this perspective, the Company implemented an organizational reform in June 2016 to newly establish a department that supervises business management and planning sections and a department that supervises development of new businesses and strategies for them. Under the new organization, we will work to expand our business base, strengthen management of business resources, reinforce the corporate governance system and expand IR activities. Meanwhile, we are making steady progress in the project to fully re-construct our core system targeted to start operation in January 2017.

With regard to return of profits, we reviewed out shareholder return policy in May 2015 and decided to raise the payout ratio to the level “not lower than approximately 60% of the consolidated payout ratio.” The Company also decided to conduct acquisition of its treasury stocks at an appropriate time, taking into account the Company’s earnings status and stock price levels. Following this policy, we plan to deliver dividends of 16 yen per share annually for the fiscal year ending March 2017, the same as the previous fiscal year. In addition, we have established a framework of share buybacks, with a ceiling of 2 million shares at the acquisition price of up to 1 billion yen.

Going forward, the Company will endeavor to further enhance its corporate value. We ask our shareholders for your continued support of the JSF Group.
October 2016
Japan Securities Finance Co., LTDPresident