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Management Message

Shigeki Kushida

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our stakeholders for their continued support.

JSF is pursuing initiatives to strengthen the foundation of our margin loan business and to diversify its revenue sources, while also buttressing the foundation of our competitiveness through the construction of a more efficient operational structure under the Sixth Medium-term Management Plan (formulated in March 2020). From the perspective of ensuring further commitment and transparency to achieve sustainable
growth and to enhance our enterprise value over the medium and long term based on the advanced governance system as a Company with Nomination Committee, etc., JSF’s Medium-term Management Policy was formulated in November 2021. We have also been pursuing management reform initiatives by mobilizing all the Group's resources to achieve our medium-term management goals.

As a result of these initiatives, for the current fiscal year 2022, ROE is estimated to be 4.27% based on the current estimated figures, and JSF is making steady progress toward achieving the interim target of 4% ROE set in the Medium-term Management Policy".

The recently formulated Seventh Medium-term Management Plan outlines JSF's management policies for the next three years and the strategies and measures that will embody these policies in order to achieve the medium-term management goal of 5% ROE by FY2025. In addition to our efforts to deepen and accelerate the management reform initiatives JSF has been pursuing, we will continue to enhance our organizational transformation and corporate vitality capabilities by ensuring diversity and developing our human resource base. This will allow us to respond in an agile and flexible manner to changes in the business environment.

JSF, under its corporate philosophy and the Seventh Medium-term Management Plan, will strive to be a distinctive and unique company that is agile and flexible enough to maintain strong financial soundness and achieves sustainable growth and enhances its enterprise value over the medium and longer term, as a securities finance company that supports the infrastructure function of the securities and financial markets.

We hope that our stakeholders will understand the direction of our management policy, and continue to lend their support and cooperation to our endeavors.
April 2023Representative Executive Officer & President