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Bond Services

In bond borrowing and lending transactions, a lender lends bonds to a borrower, and after mutually agreed period, the borrower repays the lender with bonds of the same type and quantity. JSF serves as a broker between borrowers and lenders.

The bond borrowing and lending transactions market was established in May 1990 for the purpose of covering bonds sold short, and was followed in April 1996 by the introduction of REPO (cash-collateral bond borrowing and lending transactions). JSF was the first company in Japan to be authorized to offer such brokerage services, because JSF can link securities industries and financial industries on neutral ground and is well versed in handling of bond transactions.

JSF receives applications from both parties and, on their behalf, lends and borrows bonds on the basis of loan agreement. This type of arrangement has several advantages, including helping to form a transaction that matches the needs of both lender and borrower, maintaining high confidentiality of information to ensure the complete privacy of both parities, and transferring all counterparty credit risk to JSF. The arrangement also contributes to creating fair and stable market by publicly disclosing indication via QUICK, Bloomberg, and other information services.

Transaction types

REPO transactions

JSF borrows bonds after depositing cash collateral with a lender and then lends bonds after receiving cash collateral from a borrower. This transaction can be either a Special Collateral transaction that specifies an issue or a General Collateral transaction that does not specify an issue.

Ordinary bond borrowing and lending transactions

JSF, in principle, borrows bonds without collateral from a lender and then lends bonds after receiving collateral from a borrower.

Bond borrowing and lending transactions

Participant Securities companies, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc.
Eligible bonds In addition to the Japanese Government Bonds approved by JSF, government guaranteed bond, municipal bonds and general corporate bonds.
Unit of transactions The unit of transaction is ¥100 million
Borrowing and lending rate It will be determined on a supply and demand basis.
Collateral Cash, stocks, bonds, CP, CD or bank guarantees are accepted, and collateral value is set for each collateral. For cash collateral, interest will be paid.