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JSF Management Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

As an institution specializing in securities finance, JSF has a mission to contribute to the development of the securities market by proactively meeting the diverse needs of the securities and financial sectors and to enhance the long-term interests of users, while always maintaining a keen awareness of its public role.

Management Principles

  1. To practice sound business management by thoroughly implementing compliance, corporate governance, and risk management under a new governance structure and thereby establish solid credibility, while always maintaining a keen awareness of our
    social responsibilities as a securities finance company.

  2. To enhance enterprise value while maintaining solid equity capital in order to ensure stability in management and the financial health required of a company that is a key player in securities market infrastructure, to give comprehensive consideration to the
    earnings environment, investment plans, etc., and to ensure profits are returned to shareholders.

  3. To further enhance JSF’s core margin loan business while also striving to expand the finance- and securities-related services provided by JSF and Group companies, develop new business, and to further grow and solidify our base.

  4. To build a quick and efficient business management structure and strengthen our competitive base in order to address changes in the business environment in a flexible manner.