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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd.
Established July 1927
Incorporated February 1950
Capital ¥10billion
Head Office 1-2-10 Nihonbashi-Kayabacho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,103-0025
Stock Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
Representative President Eizo Kobayashi
Business Contents a licensed company under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
(Loans for margin transactions,Bond financing and general loans,
Bond services,Stock lending)

Corporate History

1927   Jul.
Established as Tokabu Daiko Co., Ltd.
1943   Sep.
Name changed to Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd.
1949   Dec.
Name changed to Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd.
1950   Feb.
Launched operations as a specialized securities finance institution
Began current account transactions with the Bank of Japan;
listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Launched lending business as a transitional measure prior to the introduction of a margin transaction system
1951   Jun.
Launched loan transaction business with the establishment of a margin transaction system
1955   Dec.
Established branch offices by acquiring the complete operations of securities finance companies in Hokkaido, Niigata, and Fukuoka
1956   Apr.
Granted license according to the Securities and Exchange Law
1960   Feb.
Launched business in loans secured by bonds
1967   Aug.
Launched revolving credit line lending of short-term working funds to securities companies
1968   Dec.
Launched bond financing business with the aim of facilitating bond underwriting and circulation
1977   Mar.
Launched general stock loan business to lend stock certificates to securities companies separate from the margin transaction business
Launched BOJ agency business after designation by the BOJ as a government bond principal and interest payment agent
1979   Oct.
Launched agency services for a portion of BOJ operations following the establishment of the substitute certificate system for registered bond system for bond financing
1985   Nov.
Launched in secured loans on securities using a revolving credit line format that accepts securities deposited by customers at a securities company as collateral
1987   Jun.

Launched trading via JSF Online System after developing a network among securities companies

1989   May.
Launched bond borrowing and lending transaction with securities companies and financial institutions as customers
1996   Apr.
Launched cash-collateral bond borrowing and lending transaction
1998   Nov.
Established JSF Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
2000   Mar.
Launched securities business limited to Gensaki for treasury bills, etc.
2002   Feb.
Launched e Stock Lending - stock borrowing and lending transaction system
Began handling "new" Gensaki
2003   Nov.
Increased in capital of JSF Trust and Banking Co., Ltd
2004   Apr.
Launched Margin Transaction Business for JASDAQ market
Renewed JSF Online System, Launched trading via JSFNET
2005   Oct.
Launched Loans for Negotiable Margin Transaction Business
2013   Jul.
Merged with Osaka Securities Finance Co.,Ltd.

Business Contents

Figure:Services for securities companies and financial institutions

Figure:Secured loans on securities for individual and corporate investors

Figure:Peripheral services

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