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Return to Shareholders

Our shareholder return policy, dividends

Basic Policy

  • Retain solid equity capital to secure the financial health and management stability that society demands of the company as the infrastructure of securities market, and provide stable long-term return of profits to shareholders by comprehensively considering revenues environment or investment plan. etc.

  • Based upon this policy, we will strive to place more importance on shareholders return.

Shareholder Return Policy

Dividend Payment Policy

  • Our policy is that the consolidated payout ratio, as a standard that reflects our business performance, shall not fall below the 60% level and that we shall strive to provide stable dividends that are not temporarily affected by earnings fluctuations..

Share Buyback Policy

  • With a view to offering even more rewarding returns to shareholders, we will buy back shares as appropriate while comprehensively considering the company's financial situation, equity capital levels, stock price levels, and so forth.

Dividend per Share Trends

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020(Forecast)
Annual 18yen 26yen 22yen 22yen 22yen
Interim 8yen 9yen 11yen 11yen 11yen
Year-End 10yen 17yen 11yen 11yen 11yen
Payout Ratio 56.4% 58.8% 55.0% 57.2% 74.7%

Share Buyback

Please see here concerning share back

Special Benefits for Shareholders

We do not have a system of special benefits for shareholders.
Our basic policy is return profits through dividends.